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Navigation covers the basics of interacting with your map: zooming, panning, and querying objects for more details.

Weather Defender was designed with simplicity in mind. If you have any experience with other zooming/panning applications such as Adobe Acrobat or Google Earth (and even if you don't) you won't have any trouble at all picking up the basic navigation.


To reposition the map view, simply left-click and "drag" the map left/right/up/down then release the left mouse button to force the map to repaint.



To zoom in on a region, scroll the mousewheel forward. To zoom out, scroll the mousewheel backward.


Alternately, you may press and hold the right mouse button and move the mouse in or out to zoom respectively.



Many layers contain icons which are selectable. To activate details for a selectable icon, simply left-click and an information box will appear with details.


Additional Navigation Tools

While the default Pan/Zoom tool covers everything you need to reposition your map, Weather Defender also provides other common navigation tools such as the box-zoom on the Map Tab of the toolbar.

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