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1 - Introduction

Watches, Warnings & Advisories are three separate layers in Weather Defender but come from the same source: National Weather Service weather bulletins. On your scree, you will see multi-colored boxes which are counties depending on the type of weather is present.

2 - Layer Descriptions

2.1 - Watches

A government-issued watch is issued after advisories but before warnings, usually within a few hours of the expected event. Watches are displayed in solid colors.

2.2 - Warnings

Warnings are government-issued outlooks for small areas where severe weather is imminent or presently occurring. In Weather Defender, Warnings are displayed as outlined colors.

2.3 - Advisories

Advisories are the longest-range government-issued notices about hazardous weather. These are often issued one or more days in advance of the expected threat. In Weather Defender, Advisories are displayed as cross-hatched colors.

3 - Color Codes

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