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Welcome to the Weather Defender User Manual. You will find detailed instructions on the usage of every feature of Weather Defender among the topics below.

For step-by-step tutorials of common tasks, please refer to the Tutorials section.

1 - Overview

What is Weather Defender and what can it do for me?
A brief introduction to Weather Defender, why it was created and why it can make a difference for your organization.

System Requirements
Minimum and recommend system specs needed to run Weather Defender.

Weather & Geography
Understand the 'big idea' behind Weather Defender: the integration of weather data with GIS technology.

2 - Main Features

Navigation Basics
Brief overview of panning, zooming, and querying.

Working with Layers
Brief overview of how maps and layers work in Weather Defender.

Perimeter Alerts
Complete reference to creating and configuring Perimeter Alerts for automatically detecting approaching weather threats.

Screen Captures (Under Development)
Learn how to capture screenshots of weather events and archive on your hard drive or upload to your website.

Animating Maps (Under Development
See Reference: Animation Viewer

Layer Effects (Under Development)
Overview of how data contouring and gridding effects work in Weather Defender.

3 - Usage Examples

Custom-tailoring your Map (Under Development)
Learn how to customize your map for your specific region by importing geographic and other reference layers.

Forecasting Severe Weather (Under Development)
Learn how to take advantage of Weather Defender's forecasting tools and be prepared for the next severe weather outbreak.

Monitoring Real-Time Weather Threats (Under Development)
Learn how to monitor severe weather when it is occuring. Track the location, speed, and severity of storms using tools and layers provided in Weather Defender and determine the threat posed to you.

Alerting Yourself and Others Automatically (Under Development)
Receive first alerts via audible alarm, on-screen prompts, e-mail or even cell texts using the powerful Perimeter Alerts feature.

Connecting with Fellow Weather Defenders (Under Development)
Learn how to connect with other Weather Defenders and gain enhanced situational awareness through real-time group chat and map sharing.

For more tutorials, see the Tutorials section.

4 - Interface & Dialog Reference

Reference: Main Interface
Comprehensive overview of the main interface of Weather Defender, its buttons, functions, and customization options.

Reference: Layer Properties (Under Development)
Overview of the configuration options for Layers in Weather Defender, including General appearance, Update frequency, and Effect/Contour options.

Reference: Palette Editor
Create and modify the color palettes used with certain layer types like Radar, Temperature, and Pressure Lines.

Reference: Animation Viewer (Under Development)
View and archive animations of weather events.

Reference: Layer Browser (Under Development)
Add new Layers to your map from our ever-expanding library of Weather and Geography layers in the Layer Browser.

Reference: GIS Display Editor (Under Development)
Fine-tune Layer display in Weather Defender using the GIS Display Editor to modify colors, lines, labels, transparency, and much more.

5 - Troubleshooting & Support

See the Troubleshooting & Support section.

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