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The Layer Properties window contains all of the settings that pertain to a single layer on your map. This overview will explain each of the options.

For an overview of how layers and maps work, see the Maps & Layers topic.

1 - Accessing Layer Properties

The Layer Properties window can be accessed by clicking the Properties option from the Layer's button on the Map Layers Dialog.

Open Layer Properties from the Layer Button menu

Open Layer Properties from the Layer Button menu

2 - General Tab

The General Tab of the Layer Properties contains basic settings for the layer.

Display Label

Name of the layer as it should display in the Map Layers Dialog.


Icon that displays on the layer button in the Map Layers Dialog. This can be changed to any valid image file (PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP).

Clicking Reset will revert to the original icon for this layer.

File Path

Location of the layer's dataset file.


General descriptions of the layer, its source, or its meaning.

Show in Legend

By default, only Dynamic layers are displayed in the Legend Dialog. Check this box to force a static layers to display as well.

Customize Map Display

Launches the GIS Display Editor for this layer.

Export Display Settings

Saves customizations to the GIS Display in a separate file (.ini) which can be shared along with the dataset to preserve changes to the default display.

By default, any changes to the default display are saved to the Map project and will not affect other Maps using the same layer. Using this feature will enable all Maps to display the customizations.

Export Layer Definition

For advanced users, click this button to generate a Layer Definition file (.layer) to share layers with other users.

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