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Severe Weather

Watches, Warnings or Advisories (by county)

PHENOMENA Text Type of event
SIGNIFICANCE Text Threat-level ("Warning", "Watch", etc)
ISSUED Date/Time Date/Time bulletin was issued
EXPIRES Date/Time Date/Time bulletin expires
CWA Text 4-letter ID of issuing weather station
ETN Number Event Tracking Number
STATE Text State abbreviation
ZONE Number Zone ID
NAME Text Location name
TIME_ZONE Text Time Zone ("C","E", "M", etc)
LON Number Longitude
LAT Number Latitude

Warnings (by polygon)

Number Number Event Tracking Number
Type Text Type of warning ("Tornado", "Severe Thunderstorm", etc)
CWA Number 4-letter ID of issuing weather station
Issued Date/Time Date/Time bulletin was issued
Expires Date/Time Date/Time bulletin expires

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