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This page describes the main application interface including toolbars, buttons, and dialog windows in Weather Defender.

1 - Interface Overview

The main interface is divided up into four parts: toolbars, workspace, dialog windows, and status bar.

1.1 Toolbars

1.1.1 Map Tab

1.1.2 Team Tab

1.1.3 Interface Tab

1.1.4 Help Tab

1.1.5 Shield Menu

1.1.6 Quick Access Toolbar Menu

1.2 Workspace

1.3 Dialog Windows

1.4 Status Bar

2 - Customizing the Interface

The interface is highly customizable and can be modified to suit your exact preferences.

2.1 Color & Themes The application shell (main window) is black by default, but this theme can be changed to Blue or Silver using the Interface Tab > Theme options. You may further tint a selected theme using the color picker.

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