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Screen Captures allow you to take immediate or automated timed captures of what is happening in Weather Defender. This feature can be useful for capturing on-demand weather visuals, archiving storm events, or displaying weather updates on a company intranet.

Screen Capture features in Weather Defender

Screen Capture features in Weather Defender

1 - Quick Screen Capture

To make a quick screen-capture, click Map tab - Screenshot button. A prompt will appear with the current map name and timestamp as the default filename.


Edit the defaults if desired and click Save.

NOTE: A "World File" is a text-based file that is used by GIS systems to display raster images. Check this box if you want to use the exported image in another GIS application.

2 - Capture Settings

To set up timed-captures or change the image effects, select the Capture Settings option on the Screenshot button drop-down menu:


2.1 - Image Effects

Screen Capture, Image Effects

Overlay Text and X/Y Position: Select the text you would like to display over top of the exported screenshot. The following variables are available:


2.2 - Timed Captures


Timed captures, if enabled, allow you to capture screenshots at predefined intervals.

On this settings panel, you can determine the interval, location, pixel size, and output folder for the screen captures.

2.3 - FTP Upload


FTP Upload works in conjunction with timed captures to allow you to upload a newly captured screenshot to a internet-accessible location. Consult with your webmaster for FTP settings in your environment.

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