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With your personalized map, with custom geography layers for reference, we can start making forecasts and predicting when severe weather will approach your site.

Because the weather is always changing, we are not able to practice forecasting a real severe weather event. So instead we will show you the forecasting tools and layers that are available in Weather Defender in order of the time range they can be used.

This tutorial assumes you have completed the Getting Started tutorial. It is recommended that you have also completed the Personalizing Your Map tutorial.

3 to 7 Days Out

Your event is 7 days away. Lets start by checking out the 7-day forecast.

Step 1
First, center your home location on screen.

Next, select the Forecast Tool from the toolbar.

You can also press CTRL+SHIFT+F on the keyboard to activate the Forecast Tool.
Now click on your home location.

An small window will pop-up with the 7-day Forecast for your location:


We've all seen 7-day forecasts before, that is nothing special. What is unique about this feature in Weather Defender is that the forecast is based on the exact position (latitude & longitude) of your mouse click:


This means that you are not getting the forecast of the nearest major city. You are getting the pinpoint forecast for your exact site.

The Forecast tool works on any location in the United States, except Alaska.

1 to 3 Days Out

Your event is just a few days away and there is a chance of thunderstorms according to the forecast. Lets find out what the experts are predicting.

Step 2
Open the Layer Browser (Add Layers > Browse All Layers).

Navigate to the Forecast category.

Add the following layers to your map:
  • Day 1 Convective Outlooks
  • Day 2 Convective Outlooks
  • Day 3 Convective Outlooks

About Convective Outlooks
The term 'convective' refers to thunderstorm-type weather, i.e., weather which can produce tornadoes, hail, and damaging winds. These outlooks are produced daily by the expert forecasters at the Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Oklahoma and serve as an excellect guide to those of us who want to be aware of damaging weather situations.

Outlooks are defined for broad regions and tiered in the following levels:
  • General Thunderstorms
  • Slight Risk of Severe Weather
  • Moderate Risk of Severe Weather
  • High Risk of Severe Weather

More details can be found on the SPC website.
Close the Layer Browser.

Step 3
The 3 layers you just added will appear under the Ungrouped layer group in the Map Layers window.

Edit the Ungrouped settings (click gearshaft icon).

Change the name of the group to Outlooks. Set the behavior to Single-Select.

Step 4
De-select Day 2 and Day 1 Outlooks, so that only Day 3 is active.

Now you may see an orange, green or other colored line drawn on your map:


This line represents the area of concern.


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