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The Palette Editor assists you in creating color schemes for certain layers in Weather Defender which make use of the contouring effects.

Most notably, these layers include Radar, Temperature, Wind Speeds, Pressure Lines (Isobars), Wave Heights, and others.

Launching the Palette Editor

The Palette Editor can be access from the Map tab of the main toolbar, in the Layer section. You may also press F4 from the main window.

Editing an Existing Palette

To edit the colors of an existing palette, select the name of the Palette from the list in the upper-left portion of the window.

The Palette Editor

The Palette Editor

The palette, along with all of its color and value settings will be loaded into the Editor.

Modify values and/or colors

Creating a New Palette

Importing Palettes

Advanced Options



Line Width



Using Palettes with Layers

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