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Descriptions & Usage

Some escriptions provided by National Climatic Data Center (NCDC).

Storm Attributes

Hail Index

A product designed to locate storms which have the potential to produce hail. Hail potential is labeled as either probable (hollow green triangle) or positive (filled green triangle). Probable means the storm is probably producing hail and positive means the storm is producing hail.


This product is designed to display information regarding the existence and nature of rotations associated with thunderstorms. Numerical output includes azimuth, range, and height of the mesocyclone.

Tornadic Vortex Signature

A product which shows an intense gate to gate azimuthal shear associated with tornadic- scale rotation. It is depicted by a red triangle with numerical output of location and height.

Storm Tracking Information

A product which shows a plot of the past hours movement, current location, and forecast movement for the next hour or less for each identified thunderstorm cell. This product is used to determine reliable storm movement.

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