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National Lightning now available in Weather Defender Commercial Edition

by Rory Groves        June 25, 2015  |  11:20 am  |  Category: Latest News

Lightning Strike data is now available from coast to coast in Weather Defender Commercial Edition! Formerly customers had the ability to view one 300-mile quadrant of lightning at a time, which works great for close-up views, but not for national-level views. The new update allows users to view lightning strikes across the entire United States at the same time.

Nationwide lightning data now available in Weather Defender Commercial Edition

To view more local detail, simply zoom in to an area of interest and higher resolution lightning strike data will load automatically:

Lightning resolution is increased as the user zooms in - Weather Defender Commercial Edition

This update is provided in the full Commercial Edition license and is immediately available to those customers (no software updates required).

To learn more about Weather Defender Commercial Edition and other enhanced capabilities for organizations, please contact us today.

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How to get Snowfall Forecast Alerts in Weather Defender Commercial Edition

by Rory Groves        February 23, 2015  |  2:39 pm  |  Category: Latest News | Tips & Tricks

Weather Defender Commercial Edition is a powerful piece of software, and one that can benefit many industries which are reliant on snowfall forecasting. For example, snow plowing companies will find this technology extremely useful, and ski resorts all over the world are greatly reliant on snowfall for their skiing conditions and ultimately trade and income.

This is thus a critical piece of information for many companies, and it is fortunate that Weather Defender Commercial Edition makes accessing the latest snowfall forecast alerts extremely easy and user-friendly.

Accessing snowfall forecast alerts is as simple as the following process. Firstly, access the Perimeter tool and draw a circle around the area which requires monitoring.  At this point a settings panel will appear on the screen. Within this panel, locate the Snowfall Forecast options by simply scrolling down to the Winter Weather option.

Weather Defender Commercial Edition has a nifty feature which enables you to customize the amount of snowfall which you wish to be alerted about, so at this stage you should enter the appropriate amount of snowfall.  There are a raft of other customizable settings as well, so these should be all completed. Among the options at this stage is the ability to name a particular perimeter, and a raft of options regarding how you may particularly wish to be alerted.  Once you have completed all of the options in the window, select OK, and the settings you have specified will be updated automatically. The Weather Defender Commercial Edition will then update your map with appropriate snowfall forecast maps in real-time, ensuring that they are always up to date

Weather Defender Commercial Edition is a robust, intuitive piece of software designed to provide public agencies and organizations with state of the art weather information at an affordable price.


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Weather Defender Holiday Promo

by Rory Groves        December 12, 2014  |  2:25 pm  |  Category: Latest News
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