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Perryville resident protects friends & family outside the range of Tornado Sirens

by Rory Groves        November 23, 2009  |  4:04 pm  |  Category: Testimonials

"We've had 2 tornadoes near Perryville in the last 3-4 years that have impacted many people we've known.  This includes killing 2 people that my wife and I both worked with for many years....  [in another situation] the grandmother of a friend of mine was living in a town that I could see was in the path of a tornado I was tracking in the Weather Defender (confirmed by Local Storm Reports).  She lived in a trailer and was not in an area where sirens were sounded or could be heard.  I called my friend and told her that a tornado was headed for the area in which her grandmother lived and she called her grandmother.  She was able to get out of the trailer and to a safer location.  Fortunately,  the tornado was not on the ground long enough to get to her place, but my call was 15-20 minutes before it would've gotten there.   Fifteen to twenty minutes may not sound like much, but it can mean the difference between life and death when a tornado is in the area.  They were very grateful for my call.

Jamie Robinson
Perryville, Missouri



11/30/2009 12:40:06 AM #

That's amazing how you used this to warn her. I know right now the warnings are maybe tops 15 minutes if people get lucky or storm chasers report the tornado and call it in and they finally sound sirens. I know for me It has been my dream job to actually chase these tornadoes and set out probes and find useful data collecting information to help save lives in the mid west and through out the world. But wow just using this weather defender actually gave you the path it was going?


12/29/2010 8:42:21 PM #

  I have downloaded the 7 day trial of weather defender . so fare it's a good tool to have. As for me I think the price is too high, I could see a one time fee but not $200 + a year . Here in Arkansas we have our locale new and weather stations that give live radar of storms and they stay on the air giving up to the minute news and weater as the storm is happening.

Daniel Ditto

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