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10th Anniversary Giveaway -- Week 2 Prize!

by Rory Groves        October 10, 2010  |  11:02 pm  |  Category: Company | Latest News

Congratulations to our Week #2 Winner
David McGaughey from Newark, MD

 Next week's prize will be announced Monday afternoon


It's Our 10th Anniversary this month... and We're Celebrating BIG!!!

Each weekend in October we're giving away great prizes! ANYONE CAN ENTER. No purchase necessary.

To Enter: Simply leave a comment on this blog. Your comment must include:

  • Real Name
  • E-mail (kept private, but required)
  • Answer this question: "Who or what event sparked your interest in Weather?"

 Winner will be picked at random on Sunday, October 17th.

for Sunday, October 17th


Ambient Weather

Digital Handheld Wind Meter
with Temperature 

** $49 Value - FREE! **

Features Include:

  • Wind Speed
  • Max & Average Wind Speed Since Power On
  • Beaufort Scale Bar Graph (0-12)
  • Temperature Display (°F or °C)
  • Backlight with Auto Off
  • Battery Saving Auto Off
  • Select Knots, meters/sec, miles/hour or km/hour
  • Includes lanyard for ease of carrying
  • One year warranty from Ambient Weather

Shipped direct to you by:

* U.S. addresses only

Leave your comment below for a chance to win!

Winner will be picked at random on Sunday, October 17th.



10/11/2010 9:16:59 AM #

This would be a cool tool to get. I think I was born interested in weather. There isn't one event that I remember sparking my interest.

Justin Miller

10/11/2010 9:24:15 AM #

storm and friend of mine that was a ex storm chaser made me interested in weather

Matt Ford

10/11/2010 9:24:21 AM #

The blizzard of '78 here in New England sparked my interest in weather.

Joe Eannuzzo

10/11/2010 9:26:18 AM #

That would be a handy tool for us amateur Radio storm spotters.

Clifford Guy

10/11/2010 9:26:26 AM #

My facination with weather (which I have never really studied) grew and still grows with each system that passes.  When I got my Amateur Radio license, and heard other 'hams' talking about Skywarn, it was all over but the "chasin".

de N0MY

Mike Disher

10/11/2010 9:30:07 AM #

Weatherdefender is without doubt the most innovative weather software I have seen and tested. Bravo to the developers! A mostly desirable program to have.

Kobus Botha

10/11/2010 9:35:41 AM #

I utilize Weather Defender for both personal and professional Disaster Recovery planning and services, helping to analyze weather and predict potential problems based on the weather!

Mike Turner

10/11/2010 9:36:19 AM #

Weather Defender us responsible for me becoming interested in weather. They provide easy to understand software.

This summer i had the weather defender software installed on my home compputer as i watched storms develope over western michigan.

These storms continued to increase in strength, and as they approached my perimeter zone, my alarms went off. Thanks to Weather Defender i was able to get my family to safety in time, as a F-3 developed 10 minutes after my alarm went off and devistated my town of Dundee,Mi.

bill elliott

10/11/2010 9:37:55 AM #

Tornado the slightly touched down on my Grandparents farm in North Dakota when I was a kid got me interested. Tree taken down, Smoke House flipped over a fence, two walls and the roof of the playhouse were gone and never found in the area.

Chuck Henrici - N9TZO

10/11/2010 9:39:08 AM #

Just a general interest for me, however moving to an area prone to tornadoes and severe thunderstorms makes it more important to be aware of the weather conditions.

PS, will there ever be a linux version available?

Malcolm Lewis

10/11/2010 9:40:45 AM #

Amateur radio got me involved with weather.I also work in a maint i look at weather daily for outside jobs.I use everthing availiable to me to view ,listen and plan for projects.There is also the fact that i live in a tornado alley!I get really hyped when new weather tools become availible!!!!!

craig moore

10/11/2010 9:40:51 AM #

I was around six years of age and became interested in how the local weatherman on TV was predicting the weather.  I started checking out books from the library about the weather and kept on reading after many years.  I tried my own hand at predicting the weather and built my own home weather station at about the age of 8, and faithfully recorded my observations for many years.  About 35 years later, I am still very interested in the weather and still continue to learn about it on a daily basis.

Joseph Wisdom

10/11/2010 9:41:42 AM #

I love Weather Defender!  Each update brings greater functionality, and speed.  Keep up the great work!

Andy Harris

10/11/2010 9:42:14 AM #

Can't say that a specific event or individual sparked my interest in weather but here in North Texas, the weather can be very severe and changes quickly.  It's great to have a tool that gives so much more information than the weather alert radios and is more reliable than satalite TV (which has a tendancy to loose connection during severe storms)

Joseph Steinman

10/11/2010 9:46:47 AM #

I am always looking for sunshine in the winter since I moved from Texas to Northwest(Washington).

Orlando Bonfiglio

10/11/2010 9:46:57 AM #

Great site. Working as a certified weather spotter in FL.

Robert A Mitchell

10/11/2010 9:55:10 AM #

This is the one tool I would use a lot when out in the field and can be easy tool to compare with others when in different parts of the storm.

Taylor Schwichtenberg

10/11/2010 9:56:30 AM #

For the Fire Department, Weather Defender has become a very utlized tool and a great resource for preparing for severe weather and how it will impact our community.  Real time weather on scene has greatly improved the safety of our responders, especially on haz mat and water rescue calls during severe weather.

Alan Byers

10/11/2010 9:57:09 AM #

Forgot to add that I got started in weather after March 28th, 1998 St. Peter Minnesota Tornado.

Taylor Schwichtenberg

10/11/2010 9:59:47 AM #

As a boater on lake michigan, it certainly adds to my safety on the water.

Chad Novak

10/11/2010 10:02:40 AM #

I've been a cloud watcher ever since I can remember.  My interest in weather was really piqued when I was in high school and we were talking about weather in science class.  After that, I've been a weather nut and watch storms come through on the radar practically every summer.


10/11/2010 10:02:47 AM #

"Who or what event sparked your interest in Weather?" I needed to do a 7th grade science project and wanted to do one which compared my forecasts based on my local weather conditions and parameters to the NWS forecasts published in the local newspaper. The real spark is when I met a local TV newscaster in the SF Bayarea whom has become a life-long friend, as has weather watching, storm spotting and aviation forecasting.

William Johnson

10/11/2010 10:10:53 AM #

Wow I always wanted one of those after seeing one on TV.

Thomas Burlette

10/11/2010 10:13:33 AM #

My Mother, who is 92, has always loved watching storm clouds.  We lived on a farm in southern Minnesota and she would take us outside to see the beautiful clouds.  When we were baling hay we knew if we saw upside down biscuit clouds we should head for home.


10/11/2010 10:16:32 AM #

I was born being interested in weather. I have always loved to watch and record  severe storms! I always love to warn people about potential weather dangers.

Chris Wink

10/11/2010 10:25:20 AM #

I have loved weather since about 4 or 5 years old.I think one thing that sparked me a little bit was hurricane gloria,and just severe storms rolling through and being glued to the window,once it's a part of you,you turn into a lifer.

brian mooney

10/11/2010 10:27:45 AM #

My wonderful Dad sparked my interest in Hurricanes which then lead me to greater things and now I own my own weather site!

Zachary Bullard

10/11/2010 10:29:26 AM #

As a Ham Radio operator, I love to use Weather Defender! Wish you guys would make a Mac version!!

Greg N4WVE

Greg Hemmings N4WVE

10/11/2010 10:43:23 AM #

Weather Defender for me is like my life insurance. I work on oil drilling rigs ON shore & OFF shore. therefor it is very very important thing in my career and life. I dont have words to thank this product.About wind meters that also great work done by its developers.


10/11/2010 10:50:37 AM #

Love having an other tool to make my job more on the money.

Ruben Degollado

10/11/2010 10:51:49 AM #

I love watching weather, i have been a weather spotter for 5 yrs and been a tornado chaser for a year now.

Richard Dye

10/11/2010 10:52:54 AM #

The thing that sparked my interest in weather was I was deathly afraid of severe weather when I was little.  Then I got my Amateur RAdio licence and have been studying weather since.  My grandchildren ages 4 & 9 even go storm spotting together.

Theresa Limestahl

10/11/2010 11:00:08 AM #

I have been considering purchasing one of these, it would be perfect.


10/11/2010 11:19:48 AM #

I would love to win that wind meter, so I can measure the wind speeds in my area during a powerful nor`easter impacting my area in Long Island NY. I can also use that cool wind meter during a strong thunderstorm impacting my area,and measure microburst winds speeds coming down to the service in my area.

Christopher Noya

10/11/2010 11:23:05 AM #

I got interested in weather when I was in young (six grade) I believe. I don't know what event triggered it but I do remember I was fascinated by storms and everything during learning in class. If I look back it might of been my dad who got me interested. I remember when it would storm outside he would shut off all lights in the house and we would look outside the window and watch it storm. The thunder and lightening always triggered my excitement and just watching it rain was smoothly and calm (for most part, lol) I DO remember telling my six grade teacher about my interest in weather and at end of year he gave me a very old thermometer/barometer that was in a box at the end of the year. We MAY still have it but I doubt it. I even think he put on the box "To the weather man". Wow that jogs my memory way back. I always wanted weather to be a hobby and not my main job so currently I host my website and storm spot. Now I"m getting into Ham Radio.

Jason Kapera

10/11/2010 11:29:53 AM #

I got started when I watched a Tornado touch down going as we went out ground, Then as we came out the damage was unreal, We was outside of Topeka, Kansas it seems to be years ago. After that I was hooked and since then I have been chancing Storms all over North East Oklahoma and South East Kansas at the age of 14 teen for Civil Defense then year passed and it be came Emergency Management then 1995 became a Police Officer and chanced storms then. Now Storming chasing now with a friend in NE Oklahoma and that would be great to help us in reporting the Weather! Thanks for letting me tell the my story!    

Thomas Helm

10/11/2010 11:40:28 AM #

What sparked me into weather was back in 2006 when we were having a family get together, During the middle of lunch a storm rolled in with the greenest skies i've ever seen, and we saw a wall cloud approaching us, so everyone went inside to stay safe but me and my cousin were dumb enough to pull some chairs out and sit as it went over us, after that passed, lightning struck a transformer on the other side of the street, thats what made me and my cousin run inside and the winds were fierce, knocking everything over, heavy torrential rain, lost power, was a great storm, thats what sparked my interest in weather.

Joshua Leach

10/11/2010 11:41:21 AM #

I've always wanted one of these.  I've thought about purchasing one but never have gotten to it.  I hope I win!

Travis Johnson

10/11/2010 11:44:27 AM #

iam a storm chasher and i need one.i alwasys needed one, and my mon doesn;t have the money

Harry Corsnitz Sr,

10/11/2010 12:05:27 PM #

I want one

Jim Miller

10/11/2010 12:45:00 PM #

Being a Storm Spotter/Chaser, This would be a welcome addition to the tools that we use.


10/11/2010 1:06:30 PM #

Congrats Weather Defender On Your 10 Year Anniversary! Rory Groves Is A Great Family Man With The Desire To Keep Families Safe. I Can Remember When This Product Was Called Swift Weather. Ten Years Ago I Was Stationed In Nebraska Where He Is From And Have Witnessed First Hand The Destructive Power Of Tornado's And Severe Weather. I Myself Have Weather Defender And Have Since Taken Community Classes With The National Weather Service In Storm Spotting And CERT. Currently Going To Study Atmospheric Science To One Day Help Predict And Aid With Severe Storms As Well. Currently I Use Rory Groves Product In Combination With Radars From NWS, NOAA, US Air Force, US Navy, AccuWeather, And Many Others To Help Protect Lives Just As Rory Groves Has Done With This Product For The Past Ten Years.

David McGaughey

10/11/2010 1:16:11 PM #

I Have Loved Watching Clouds And Weather Since I Was A Young Child. As I Went Through High School I Would Always Do Reports On How Weather Would Effect The Area Where I Lived. I Would Always Do Reports On Tornado's And Severe Weather. Once I Joined The Military I Moved To Nebraska And Seen First Hand Severe Weather And Tornado's Including One Tornado A Half Block Away From Our Apt. Without Any Warning It Touched Down And Then Sucked Back Up Into The Clouds And Then Retouched Down In Iowa A Half Mile Away As An F-2. Pretty Wild As The Clouds Twisted And Churned With A Pea Green Look Of Cotton Ball Clouds. Ive Been Overseas And Have Seen Severe Dust Storms And Severe Fog. In The US Ive Been Through Hurricanes, Tornado's, And Many Other Severe Storms And Weather. Now Im Trying To Give Back To Communities By Storm Spotting And Studying Meteorology.

David McGaughey

10/11/2010 1:19:22 PM #

I was a junior in high school and assisting one of the local police officers I knew spotting an approaching rain rapped tornado. I lived in Perkins, Oklahoma at the time, which is still a very small town even today. We were in one of those old Army trucks converted into a Civil Defense vehicle. We were S.E. of town on top of a hill, one of the highest points around called Saddler Hill. We couldn’t see the tornado coming, but everyone was yelling at us to watch out. After we both crawled into the floorboard of the truck with are ears against the radio speakers, trying to hear the other spotters because of all the large hail hitting the windows, it suddenly got very calm and quite very fast. Then Mike told me to look out the window and see if I could see the tornado. I watched the tornado lift and the funnel travel directly overhead. It was the BLANKETY BLANK COOLEST thing I had ever seen. The funnel touched back down a short time later doing damage in the nearby towns of Cushing and Drumright, killing two people. I’ve been hooked ever since.  

George McKinnis

10/11/2010 1:40:35 PM #

CONGRATS on Weather Defender's 10th Anniversary!!!
Rory and the staff are great people and very helpful. Because of their detailed weather maps and love of weather to bring Weather Defender into exsistence, many people are safe and alive today. Thanks Everyone!!!

Joe Russell

Joe Russell

10/11/2010 1:47:36 PM #

My wife and I were in Indiana coming back from a family outing. It was well after dark and it started raining. Before we knew it, the rain was horizontal and then it turned to hail. The wind was so bad that the front end of the car was bouncing. We stopped somewhere on the highway where the rain and wind seemed to subside a little. Visibility was zero. Then all of the sudden it went from bad to worse. The wind got so bad the front end of the car was actually coming completely off of the ground, it kept this up with the hail for several minutes that seemed like hours. When it all finally subsided. we found we were under an overpass, with a state highway patrol parked next to us who had made a mess in his seat. It was then we were informed we had just rode out a tornado under an overpass. Several days later it was confirmed as an massive tornado and we were less than one mile from its core, we were in its outer bands. What a ride!

James Eismon

10/11/2010 1:49:43 PM #

I was 5 years old when i became interested in weather. I started noticing forecasters on T.V always were making mistakes of forecasting the weather. So I started forecasting my own weather and I got pretty good at it.Big hailstorms here in El Paso, Texas and thunderstorms also made very fascinated about weather and how it affects our daily lives. One time we were driving to Denver,Colorado when I spotted a tornado. Later the winds started picking up and baseball size hail started falling. So my dad he was just going to drive it through and he speed up to 90 mph. the hard thing was you couldn't see and finally we passed the storm.I been trying to make a national weather service weather project to study of how more severe the weather becomes each year. Also I am a spotter for the N.W.S . What really impacted me is Katrina and the 2006 flood in El Paso ,Texas. I will like to have some weather equipment to help me in my studies.

Chris kolenc

10/11/2010 2:03:57 PM #

I got the weather bug while moving from California to Maryland. The Wife and I stopped in the Texas dessert to feed my son back in 1993, while she was feeding him, it was clear sunny and somewhat hot. Then out of nowhere can a funnel cloud, pitch black behind us and sunny in front of us. As traffic passed us blowing their horns, I then realized that  a tornado was on the ground and coming fast. We got into the vehicles and made hast for the clear! Since then I have been a avid weather watcher and joined Amateur Radio's ARES, Skywarn and recently been appointed as Jasper County, Mississippi's Emergency Coordinator. I use Weather Defender to alert LEMA, Area Law Enforcement Agencies and our Amateur Operators. This is one of the best,most current and detailed Mapping software I have ever used. Thanks for such good and affordable programs. I see it this way, the life I save may be my own! I hope that we never experience a traumatic event, but at least I know we will be well informed and alerted in a timely fashion! Happy 10th Anniversary and continue to do the fine job of letting us experience such fine software.
Albert "Sarge" McDonald
K5CQJ (E.C.,Skywarn and ARES)
Jasper County, MS

Albert McDonald, K5CQJ

10/11/2010 2:19:13 PM #

Now that my phone even provides GPS and a weather map it helps with my navigation using Weather Defender so I have two GPS systems Hook-ing me up so to speak! Fuel cost is very expensive now for many chasers so the more details and added weather features in WD helps decrease chase busts.


10/11/2010 3:16:30 PM #

When I was young several tornadoes ripped through the area that I lived that made me wonder why these storms occured and how I would be able to know when they where coming. I am now in High School and hope to be a meteorologist someday.

Bradley Zylstra

10/11/2010 3:17:49 PM #

Cool pick

Ron Austin

10/11/2010 3:53:52 PM #

I've been facinated with severe weather since I was 5 and 41 years later still as facinated,
Became a ham radio operater and joined my local Skywarn group , and now serving my community and helping to save lives and property.
Weather Defender plays an important part in this.
Thanks Swift;)
Thomas Michigan Skywarn Spotter

Thomas Reed KD8MRD

10/11/2010 5:08:21 PM #

     I've been mesmerized by storms since the age of 5 and at 37, it hasn't changed a bit.

Jeff Stapel

10/11/2010 5:34:07 PM #

I wanted to know and understand how and why the Angles were blowing in Heaven.  When they blow a strike, the lighting got pretty close.

Keith Boyer

10/11/2010 7:05:06 PM #

when I was a kid. One of my favorite movie's was twister. I'd loved the shape and beauty of the tornado's in the movie and ever since then I wanted to be a stormchaser.

nick guidici

10/11/2010 7:13:30 PM #

After moving to Atoka, Oklahoma in the late 60’s, I started getting interested in forecasting tornados.  I even went so far as to get weather maps from the nation weather service.  Although the map was a day out of date by the time I received them, I was interested in finding patterns in the ebb and flow of the weather.

J.R. Wheat KC5KVL

10/11/2010 7:53:47 PM #

I rate this weather software number 1

Robert Hundley

10/11/2010 8:01:16 PM #

I really can't remember what got me interested. I remember when I was a kid, I used to run to my room whenever the alert on my dad's weather radio went off. It may have been my desire to be an EMT when I was in high school. I heard about a SkyWarn class that volunteer firefighters were taking and I took it too. That may have been when I got interested.

With our daily summer storms in central Florida, I use WD all the time.

Rob Schellinger

10/11/2010 8:11:02 PM #

I am always working outside and this would be one cool tool!! I wanted to be a storm chaser but, like so many others, reality got in my way.

jeff angel

10/11/2010 8:11:32 PM #

Hurricane Ivan. busted my chops.

Lowell Jones

10/11/2010 8:37:41 PM #

I have always been interested in weather, but what really did it was the tornado outbreak on March 15 2008.  I saw a wall cloud then a funnel.  It then started to hail quarter sized hail with some golf ball sized hail.  

Jeb Horton

10/11/2010 8:54:12 PM #

Congratulations on your 10th anniversary. My interest in weather and storm spotting began in the early 1970's while in high school. When I was a freshman, a tornado hit a nearby community late one evening killing five people, including three students from our school. This event inspired me to learn more about weather and storms and I became a volunteer storm spotter for my community. That was over 35 years ago, and here I am still learning about weather and storms and I still venture out from time to time to watch approaching storms.

Joe Keith, KF5S

10/11/2010 8:55:21 PM #

I grew up with Ch 9 KWTV Gary England Out of Oklahoma city.
And Now I am a Storm Spotter for Southern Okla. City of Ardmore, Love, Carter, Marshall, Murry, And Johnson County's. and I love It. Thank you Weather Defender for all you do for us.

Vance Smith (ke5bal)

10/11/2010 9:11:17 PM #

The one thing that i can think of is that one time i got really close to a twister and it wasnt on purpose and since that momenr on i have been interested and i would love to find out more info about tornadoes.


10/11/2010 9:36:01 PM #

Harry Volkman from WGN in Chicago in the 1960's as a child was a big inspiration for me, even remember after a request from my folks he even sent me one of the corsages he would wear daily.  Was fascinated by Tornado's and other weather events having survived the 1967 Tornado and has continued over the years to be a passion of mine now involved with storm spotting, ham radio and seeing others are as prepared. Working on a project of outfitting a stripped down trailer as a mini mobile unit so others can that others can be forewarned. A wind meter I do not have as I'm always last on my list for anything for myself. Enjoy reading everyone's response and keep up the great work.

Dawn Dawson

10/12/2010 1:53:13 AM #

Weather defender has the best weather info at all times,
They not only alert you for severe weather but you can see it in advance with SPC daily updates..Which most other radar companies don't give you ....
Keep up the great work,

jason k

10/12/2010 7:18:00 AM #

Living near the water as a child sparked my interest in the weather. Later working on my pilots I really became a weather enthusiast.I now am a HAM operator and a Sky Warn member.

Allan W. Russell

10/12/2010 10:42:39 AM #

I have always been interested in the weather even as a kid.  Its almost like being to tell the future!

Ed Vanderbosch

10/12/2010 1:00:05 PM #

Vivid memories of my father standing in the garage door opening during ALL kinds of weather sparked my interest.  Us kids always wanted to go join him, but 'no, it's not safe' was always my mother's we all stood at the kitchen window watching dad watching the weather.

Peggy Johnson

10/12/2010 1:12:35 PM #

Technology sparked my real interest in weather. Ever since I found weather programs that I could use to retrieve weather data, I have been watching it intensly for years. Sure I watched the weather channel a little more than most, but I never had control over what I was viewing until swift weather came along! Thanks!

Adam Katalak

10/12/2010 3:36:15 PM #

I was around 3 years old when I became interested in a local TV weatherman and as I got older, I began learning more about the weather and forecasting.  Within the last five to seven years, new technology has also enhanced my interest in the weather and I continue to learn about the weather every day, as my job now relies heavily on the weather.

Mark Spencer

10/12/2010 5:49:47 PM #

I was 5 years old when i became interested in weather. I started noticing forecasters on T.V always were making mistakes of forecasting the weather. So I started forecasting my own weather and I got pretty good at it.Big hailstorms here in El Paso, Texas and thunderstorms also made very fascinated about weather and how it affects our daily lives. One time we were driving to Denver,Colorado when I spotted a tornado. Later the winds started picking up and baseball size hail started falling. So my dad he was just going to drive it through and he speed up to 90 mph. the hard thing was you couldn't see and finally we passed the storm.I been trying to make a national weather service weather project to study of how more severe the weather becomes each year. Also I am a spotter for the N.W.S . What really impacted me is Katrina and the 2006 flood in El Paso ,Texas. I will like to have some more weather equipment to help me in my studies.

Chris kolenc

10/13/2010 6:38:20 AM #

Congratulations for completing ten successful years.

Farm Equipment Tractors

10/13/2010 7:25:42 AM #

Congrats on lots of hard work and a fine product. My interest in weather was sparked by growing up in the 2nd tornado alley in the TN valley...experiencing tornadoes frequently turned me onto the mystery and science behind storms.


10/13/2010 5:21:27 PM #

tried this in free trial is the best one out there if u  want weather in a real time or sat image ull love it wish i could do more i love following stuff like this

tony fister

10/14/2010 2:06:13 PM #

Good tool...but a little too expensive for the home user.

E Mccarthy

10/14/2010 4:50:07 PM #

Reed Timmer and the Discovery Chanel

Brandon Delaney

10/15/2010 7:50:20 AM #

When I was about 9 0r 10 a  EF3 came by our house close enough that it didn't hurt the house but we could see it. My dad and I was standing outside watching it go by. From then on every time we had bad weather I would get all Getty and start watching the weather and wanting to get closer to the storms.


10/15/2010 5:01:00 PM #

Plainfield tornado... Was working the morning shift, it was my turn to be dispatching for a private Paramedic Service, was about to leave, the owner Bill came in and said... "we're you going? Didn't you hear about Plainfield? They are calling for help. Wanna go?" After seeing the ruins... the eerie silenceness, except ocassional sirens ... OMG even the birds weren't chirping. Just a chilling low growl of wind whistling thru the damages... A vision and sonic experience i'll never ever forget. I just thought to myself there's has to be a way, someway of warning people. Remeber the Boy Scout's motto? "Always prepared"... Thanks Rory

Lsrry Nordlund

10/16/2010 8:23:00 AM #

Me and my dad were driving and we both seen a bolt of lightning make a U turn in the sky.Messing with me he said
"Must have been over a tire factory!" I was 12. And all these years and storms later.I have never seen it happen again!!


10/16/2010 11:54:10 PM #

I was 5 years old when i became interested in weather. I started noticing forecasters on T.V always were making mistakes of forecasting the weather. So I started forecasting my own weather and I got pretty good at it.Big hailstorms here in El Paso, Texas and thunderstorms also made very fascinated about weather and how it affects our daily lives. One time we were driving to Denver,Colorado when I spotted a tornado. Later the winds started picking up and baseball size hail started falling. So my dad he was just going to drive it through and he speed up to 90 mph. the hard thing was you couldn't see and finally we passed the storm.I been trying to make a national weather service weather project to study of how more severe the weather becomes each year. Also I am a spotter for the N.W.S . What really impacted me is Katrina and the 2006 flood in El Paso ,Texas. I will like to have some weather equipment to help me in my studies.

Chris kolenc

10/17/2010 9:46:06 PM #

The show, stormchasers on the discovery channel sparked my interest in weather.

Michael Johnson

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