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Professional Forecasters use Weather Defender for Advance Notification of Severe Weather

by Rory Groves        November 17, 2009  |  11:11 am  |  Category: Testimonials

"Our clients depend on us to provide high quality forecasting and advanced notification of severe weather. We use the Alert Perimeters feature in Weather Defender to help keep our forecasters attuned to weather hazards which may affect our clients."

Todd Frostad
WeatherNation LLC
Excelsior, Minnesota


Family, police officer protected by advance warnings in Weather Defender

by Rory Groves        November 10, 2009  |  4:05 pm  |  Category: Testimonials

"My son is a cop and was on patrol one night when a severe thunderstorm approached our community. I used Weather Defender to track the movement of the storm and communicated with my son to watch out because the storm was about to hit his location. He told me later that within 5 minutes of my call a storm hit so hard that it almost flipped the squad car over. I have used Weather Defender on many other occasions to keep tabs on severe weather and help protect people I know and care about."

Jack Harris
(Retired Federal Officer)
Easthampton, Massachusetts


Forecast Weather Business relies on Weather Defender to keep clients "ahead of the storm"

by Rory Groves        October 1, 2009  |  11:01 am  |  Category: Testimonials

Paul Douglas, founder and CEO of WeatherNation, relies on Weather Defender to keep his clients ahead of the storm"I’m on my 4th weather-related business in the Twin Cities, and over the years I’ve become dependent on smart developers and a handful of creative, innovative hardware and software vendors that keep us on the leading edge of meteorology. One of our clients is a wind farm in North Dakota, where the weather can change in the blink of an eye and the threat of severe weather is ever-present. My latest company, WeatherNation, has come to rely on Weather Defender to keep our clients up-to-the-second, and ahead of the storm. Any tool that increases the safety factor for weather-sensitive companies is going to be well-received in the marketplace. There’s nothing like Weather Defender; we’ve been very pleased with the service. It has some very powerful functionality and can be adapted for any business that puts employee safety first.”

Paul Douglas
Founder & CEO
WeatherNation LLC
Excelsior, Minnesota

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