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Minnesota Youth Amateur Radio Council

by Rory Groves        March 28, 2000  |  12:19 am  |  Category: Weather Resources


  • Provide opportunities for youth to learn about amateur radio as a hobby and perform public service
  • Assist youth in becoming licensed amateur radio operators
  • Encourage youth to explore new areas of amateur radio
  • Sponsor and assist amateur radio based youth groups through scouting, school,and community
  • Help youth find ways to assist others through amateur radio
  • Provide liaison between youth involved in amateur radio and other community or government organizations in need of emergency amateur radio communications assistance
  • Offer opportunities for youth with common interests an opportunity to share knowledge and experiences with each other

Categories: Emergency Preparedness, Other,
Operated By: Phil Brunson



Natures Fury

by Rory Groves        February 18, 2000  |  10:50 pm  |  Category: Weather Resources is the premier Internet source for natural disaster preparedness and research. Our main goal is to help you find solutions to protect you and your family before and after a natural disaster. To assist you in this we offer free realtime weather data (Radar, Current US Watches & Warnings, Earthquake Shake Maps, Etc...), Survival Tips (What to do before a storm, as well as after a storm hits), and Survival Kits (Ready made kits for specific disasters).

It is also our goal to provide you with a wide range of research material for every type of natural disaster including pictures and videos from stormchasers and photographers around the world.

Categories: General Weather, Weather Photos, Emergency Preparedness
Operated By: Ryan Orlick



HomeFront Emergency

by Rory Groves        February 18, 2000  |  9:59 pm  |  Category: Weather Resources


Home of firefighter approved emergency and survival kits for the home, office and your car. Our 72-HOUR home/office survival kits were featured in the Wall Street Journal and voted "Best Overall Value." Owned and operated by firefighters with over 25 years experience. Our goal is to provide quality products and service excellence "Guaranteed."

Categories: Emergency Preparedness
Operated By: Rick Hardin


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