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Saving Screenshots to Archive/Animate Weather Events

by Jamie Robinson        February 17, 2011  |  12:13 pm  |  Category: Latest News | Tips & Tricks

Expanding on our previous posting concerning High Resolution Screen Captures, Weather Defender has a feature that allows you to capture screenshots at prescribed intervals.  These can be saved to a folder on your hard drive for future viewing, archiving, or even to combine into a custom animation as shown here to watch major weather events as they unfold.

The animation shown here was captured during the major winter storm that affected 30 states at the beginning of this month.

The steps to setup timed captures are very simple:

   1. Open the map you wish to view

   2. Go to Map at the top

   3. Go to Screenshot and hit the down arrow

   4. Select Capture Settings  

    5. You can now set things like:

  • How often to capture
  • Where to store the images
  • Resolution of the images

   6. Once you've selected your settings, select OK

   7. Under Map and Screencapture again, select Start Timed Captures


You're now off and running.  The files will be stored to the directory of your choice as can be seen here:  




Widespread Winter Weather

by Rory Groves        February 1, 2011  |  11:13 am  |  Category: Latest News

As forecasted earlier this week, a massive winter storm is moving through the nation's midsection including active Blizzard Warnings across 7 states:

As I type this, our WeatherBase (feeds aggregator) is tracking a total of 3,719 county-based watches, warnings, and/or advisories across U.S.:

  • 814 counties under Winter Storm Watch/Warning (pressently occuring or imminent)
  • 627 counties under Winter Weather Advisory (expected to occur)
  • 191 counties under Blizzard Warning
  • 692 counties under Wind Chill Watch/Warning/Advisories
  • 7 counties under Severe Thunderstorm Warnings (high wind and hail)
  • 92 counties under Tornado Watch
  • 19 counties under Fire/Red Flag Warning
  • 39 counties under High Wind Watch/Warning
  • 102 Coastal, Marine, and Small Craft Advisories
  • hundreds of other outlooks & advisories

I think today is a contender for most active warnings, ever! Wherever you are, plan ahead, stay safe, and stock up.



Northeast Deals with Bitter Cold While Awaiting Next Winter Storm

by Jamie Robinson        January 24, 2011  |  4:24 pm  |  Category: Latest News

The northeast is again preparing for a winter storm, that by some accounts, could rival the storm that hit around Christmas.  In addition, temperatures in the northeast are plummeting to near record lows.  On top of everything, wind chills are dangerously low.  The map below shows the current wind chill advisories and warnings currently in place over the northeast.

Be sure when venturing outside in these conditions to use appropriate precautions as frost bite can occur very quickly.  Some precautions to take:

Be sure to wear hats and gloves
Dress in multiple layers
Limit your exposure


The map above was generated using the Warnings and Advisories layer within Weather Defender.

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