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4 New Hot & Cool Features in Weather Defender

by Rory Groves        July 9, 2010  |  3:35 pm  |  Category: Latest News | Tips & Tricks


The dog days of summer are here! Grab a cold drink, relax, and check out these latest new features in Weather Defender:


Relative Humidity Layers

Relative Humidity Plots

Just when you think it couldn't get any hotter, we throw some humidity into the mix. But seriously, RH Plots show you the level of moisture in the air--the fuel of thunderstorm development.


Relative Humidity

Contoured plots of the RH Plots above for easier visualization and spotting potential areas of thunderstorm formation.



Wind Chill Layers

Wind Chill Plots

Wind Chill in July? No, you probably won't be making use of this layer for a few months. But we're just trying to do our part to cool you down this summer.



Wind Chill Contours
At-a-glance visualization of those scary-cold temps.




Here's how to add these new layers to your map:

1.   Unlock your map by clicking the padlock icon in the upper-right of the Map Layers window (or the Lock icon on the Map toolbar)
2.   On the main toolbar, click Map > Add Layer
3.   In the Layer Browser, click the Surface Weather category
4.   Find the corresponding layer (RH Plots/WC Plots, etc) and click Add To Map


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